Client device profile

Is it possible to have client device profiles so certain devices will show certain views?

In testing the picture elements component, I have found that on my desktop it fits perfectly (no scrollbars), but on my tablet it’s a different aspect ratio / resolution and I have had to create a new view with a different image to make it fit nicely. Same for my phone because it’s in portrait rather than landscape.

It would be nice if I could define a set of views for a client - a) to restrict access on the tablet to particular views and b) to have my phone display a portrait floorplan rather than a landscape one.

I imagine this could work with a default profile for non-specified devices, and custom settings for recognized devices. I don’t know the ins-and-outs but presumably there is a cookie or similar to identify a device since you can set Lovelace as the default per device.

Interested in alternatives if they already exist.


You could just deeplink to the correct view

That is what I do now - it just feels a little untidy and other views are available via the menus that don’t work (graphically speaking).

I would really like this as well. I have some views with multiple cards which look great on my desktop and on my tablet but the single column view on my phone means that there is a lot of scrolling. It would be nice if I could have a full view with all the cards which only shows on desktop and tablet and also split it into separate views with only one or two cards which would display on mobile.