Climacell ( Weather - time zone issue

I am having a problem with my Climacell/ weather data. At 8 pm local, when UTC changes to the next day, I no longer see the current day’s data. My weather cards start showing, for example, Sunday’s data even though it is still Saturday for me. In the custom card you can see that the name of the day is still as it should be, but the data has shifted. In the HA card, it loses the current day high/low data, so it changes to showing precipitation instead, and the days shift forward.

It has been this way since I first installed the integration over many versions of HA. I don’t understand why this should be happening, as all my time zone settings appear to be correct. I am running HA Container on an Ubuntu Server host in a Proxmox VM.

Before UTC day change, prior to 8 PM local time:

After UTC day change - today is still Saturday, June 4th in my time zone:

Home Assistant System Health:

System Health

In the template editor:

Inside the container:


Ubuntu host:




Is anyone else having the same problem? I don’t know what else to check on my system, or if I should file a bug report for the integration. I’d really appreciate knowing how this is working for other Climacell/ users. Any input would be gratefully received!

Try a github issue.

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Issue filed: / Climacell time zone issue · Issue #73080 · home-assistant/core (

Just to follow up, this issue was fixed in HA Core 2022.6.3. My thanks to the devs for the quick fix!