Climate attribute to be sent via telegram

I am fine with using Telegram and what I am looking for is to send the value of the attribute “Temperature” form my climate.
Climate looks like:

climate.bad_thermostat_1 auto temperature: 22
friendly_name: Bad Thermostat 1
operation_mode: auto
current_temperature: 0
operation_list: auto,manual,boost,vacation
max_temp: 24
min_temp: 4.5
unit_of_measurement: °C

I created a trigger:

alias: 'Telegram bot that reply temperatur'
hide_entity: true
  platform: event
  event_type: telegram_command
    command: '/Temperatur'
  service: notify.telegram_ihaus
    title: "Raumtemperatur"
    message: "Wohnzimmer {{states.sensor.fibaro_wohnzimmer_temperature.state}} Grad\n
                  Wandthermostat {{climate.wohnzimmer_wandthermostat_temperature}}  Grad   \n
            Büro  FIBARO {{states.sensor.fibaro_buero_temperature.state}} Grad \n
                  Wandthermostat {{climate.buero_wandthermostat_temperature}}  Grad   \n
            Küche FIBARO {{states.sensor.fibaro_kueche_temperature.state}} Grad\n
            Bad   FIBARO {{states.sensor.vision_multisensor_bad_temperature.state}} Grad \n
                  Wandthermostat {{climate.bad_wandthermostat_temperature}}  Grad   \n
            Schlafzimmer {{states.sensor.fibaro_schlafzimmer_temperature.state}} Grad\n
                  Wandthermostat {{climate.schlafzimmer_wandthermostat_temperature}}  Grad   \n
            Gang  FIBARO {{states.sensor.fibaro_gang_temperature.state}} Grad"

As soon as I added the lines:
Wandthermostat {{climate.schlafzimmer_wandthermostat_temperature}} Grad \n
my automation is not sending anything, so I assume to use the wrong syntax. Can anybody help?

Well I’m not sure if your YAML is exactly as you pasted here, but your command: line has incorrect indentation - should be indented past event_data: Also all the lines below action: need two more leading spaces. Those problems would certainly cause the automation not to work.

Post back if you get it fixed, some Telegram bot commands are on my to-do list!

Thanks for the spacing, Corrected it in my post. was a copy&paste error.
I am looking for the yaml trick to get the attribute value of


posted on my telegram message.

Ah - much like the sensor you will want something like

{{ states.climate.schlafzimmer_wandthermostat_temperature.attributes.temperature }}

You can use the template testing screen in the HA front end to explore the available attributes.