Climate automation by tweaking the exhaust system dynamically - crazy idea or ...?

Hi all,

I was wondering on how to automate my (central) air ventilation system (exhaust system?) and bought a z-wave device to tweak the speed the fan on the main motor rotates (not installed yet).

Then this got me thinking. Actually there aren’t many times I want to refresh the air in all rooms at the same time, they should all be prioritized. For example, when I am showering, I want to focus to be on the bathroom (with a humid sensor). Sometimes the light on the toilet has been on, great time to focus on that for about 15 minutes, etc.

In normal houses (I know of), you have to set the amount of space between the vents going into the central station, but then you never change the settings of this. This means that whenever you put it on the highest level in the bathroom, it will work hard but still refresh the air in all rooms.

My thoughts were to add some sort of motor in each vent. They are all equally open by default (e.g. 2 cm open). Then whenever the humid sensor is on in the bathroom, I close all other vents so the bathroom air gets a higher priority.

Has anyone tried anything like this before or does it sound like a bad idea?