Climate component: How does 'max_temp' work?

Many climate components have the max & min_temp attribute like nest below.

What does max_temp actually do? I can imagine that within hass it will avoid the temp to be set above this value (so if you would set temperature to 100 it would ignore this but set it to the max_temp value). Is this correct? What would happen if nest would get this instruction via e.g. the nest App? Does this then also set it universally back to the max_temp setting?

Documentation is a bit sparse on this.

  "away_mode": "off",
  "current_temperature": 20,
  "fan_list": [
  "fan_mode": "auto",
  "friendly_name": "Family room",
  "humidity": 48,
  "max_temp": 35,
  "min_temp": 15,
  "operation_list": [
  "operation_mode": "heat",
  "target_humidity": 35,
  "temperature": 20,
  "unit_of_measurement": "°C"

It sets the boundaries of the slider. Max and min are end of slider.