Climate Control presentation in HA

I am using the Thermostat climate platform (on esp32) to monitor a plants leaf VPD (kPa). I’ve specified a target VPD and The heat_action and cool_action of the thermostat platform control a fan and humidifier respectively to keep the VPD close to the target value within a green house. All works as expected.

When using HA’s IU I am able to select a temperature controller card and see the values update - However it assumes incoming values are temperature and displays with a ‘°C’ - Is there away to override this with to present the units as ‘kPA’ on the UI? In this use case I want to display values in ‘kPa’ not °C

I thought unit_of_measurement: 'kPa' might work within the climate platform - however the debugger says it is an invalid option for [climate.thermostat].

Its a UI issue - but annoying - Functionally everything is working great on device.

It seems a bit of an overkill to have to resort to a custom card within HA to change the displayed units?

Cheers Tom.