Climate devices as a group / controlling two TRVs in the same room as once

In my appartment I´ve rooms with two radiators and and therefore also two trvs and I want to control them both at the same time. If someone is changing the set temp. manually on one trv the other trv should set to the same temp. At this time I use the HACS climate_group and for controlling both through HA it works thru automation. But if I change the temp on one trv the temp of the group device is a average from both trvs. Is there any chance to change the behaviour? And if not: I´ve tried to create an automation but I want to use a generic one that fits on different rooms. Let give me an example:


  • climate.thermostat_kinderzimmer_links
  • climate.thermostat_kinderzimmer_rechts


  • climate.thermostat_wohnzimmer_links
  • climate.thermostat_wohnzimmer_rechts

So I think it should be possible to create a value_template as trigger that covers each room and each direction (links or rechts) and will set the temp on each to the other in action.

I hope someone could help me and I described the problem well - if not please dont hestitate to ask me :).

Maybe you should try helper group. I didn’t combine two trws on it but I did motion sensors and light switches. Or try zigbee group if this are zigbee trws

helper group aka group don´t support climate devices well so someone creates the climate_group in HACS.
The TRVs are ZWAVE devices.

Well I don’t know, I dont use property devices or protocols if I don’t have to. There is a hacs integration for zigbee trw called better thermostat. As I can see you can combine two or more trws in it and they will sync desired temp on both of them.

thanks @ddaniel - I will have a look at better thermostat. But I thought it would be an easier and nicer solution to use a value_template, wouldn´t it?