Climate Entity - Advantage Air - Set current_temperature based on template sensor


I current have a climate entity setup below based on Advantage Air integration, it currently doesn’t display the current_temperature, not sure why as it has plenty of temp sensors.

I’m trying to set the current_temperature attribute based on some other sensor I have, so it can report the current_temperature as part of the climate card (and when passed to homekit).

I current have the following template sensor:

  - sensor:
      - name: "Average Home Temperature"
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"
        state: >
          {{ ((float(states('sensor.ac_entry_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_hall_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_kitchen_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_living_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_master_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_nayan_temperature')) +
              float(states('sensor.ac_yaashni_temperature'))) / 7) | round(1)

Which I thought I might be able to set as the current temperature of the climate entity using the customize options like so:

      current_temperature: '{{ states("sensor.average_home_temperature") }}'

but this is not working, it just shows the climate entity current_temperature as the string, like below.

I’ve tried this also.

      current_temperature: >
         '{{ states("sensor.average_home_temperature") }}'

Honestly love Home Assistant but the inconsistency and different ways you can use variables across configs pulls my hair out (doesn’t help I’m balding), any help on how I can set / override current_temperature of my climate entity. Don’t really want to install some other integration or create another custom climate entity, not sure why you can’t just set an attribute based on another item.


You can’t use templates in customize. Nowhere in the documentation does it say you can.

This is not inconsistent. You can only use templates in keys listed under data:, service:, target: or some configuration options that specifically state they take templates.

You also won’t be able to permanently override the null attribute. It will keep being overwritten whenerver it updates.

How about fixing your climate device instead?

Open a new issue here, giving as much information as possible: