Climate Group Helper

Beta 1.0.0-rc of the custom component climate group is already available and for me, it solves the problem. People on GitHub already discussing it.

I can’t commit to mantain a repo, but there are a pair of forks with the changes needed for 2024.1.0

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There are some forks on GIT hub solving the problem with 2024.1. IMHO it would be a good idea to put them together in a main stream.

The best way would be integrating ‘climate groups’ in HASS directly as requested by, but @daenny stopped workinb on this. Thanks to @deanny for this addon, which seems to be a good base!
May be one of the authors of the working forks can do the job - I would appreciate it.

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I upvoted this request too. Climate groups is a must have imo

Thanks !


This apparently no longer works properly (HA-Ver.2024.06.02). The temperature settings do not work properly, the thermostats are not synchronized (Z2M - thermostats from Nedis, which can be integrated and controlled individually very well…)
There is nothing useful or understandable to be found as to how this could be done - one room, several radiators, all synchronized settings - what is so exotic about it is incomprehensible…why can’t you group thermostat valves in such a way that it is easy to do even for people without a doctorate in rocket science…

Hi @heangel

You should be able to get it to work with this fork (available in HACS)

Thanks @carlhye … I’ll try it - in the meantime I did changings in the “original” as described in Climate Group Helper - #17 by TX9G9qBxid from erpayo - the temperature can now be controlled for the group from one thermostat card for the whole group…