Climate Group Helper

Climate controllers / thermostats should be possible to add to a ‘Climate Group Helper’ and control them simultaneously.

Use case:

I currently have six radiators with either Danfoss or Fibaro Thermostats controlling them. I often need to adjust them at the same time, to the same temperature target.

It would be really nice to be able to adjust the target temperature with just one action - weather it be manually or via automations in a group helper - just as I can with lights, fans, locks, etc.

What would the state of the group be if one of the climate device states was Heat and another Cool?

If I understand your query properly… I do this with a group

  - platform: climate_group
    name: "Downstairs Radiators"
    temperature_unit: C # default to celsius, 'C' or 'F'
      - climate.den_trv_zb
      - climate.kitchen_thermostat
      - climate.dining_room_thermostat
      - climate.living_room_thermostat
  - platform: climate_group
    name: "Upstairs Radiators"
    temperature_unit: C # default to celsius, 'C' or 'F'
      - climate.siennas_room_thermostat
      - climate.kasias_room_thermostat
      - climate.master_bedroom_thermostat


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In my case, they only do heat. It’s radiator valves, not HVAC units. But I see the challenge.

I think the group should sync any setting, so if you set the group to ‘cool’ or 'heat, all members of the group should be set to the same.

The same way an RGB in a light group helper will set all lights in the group to the same color, if it’s supported.

Thank you for this, it looks good!
I might use this :slight_smile:

I still think that there should be a GUI version for setting this up in a simple way.

Be advised that climate_group is not a standard platform in Home Assistant. It requires the installation of a custom component. For more information, refer to this thread

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Yeah, but the climate device does both and a lot of people use this.

I’m looking g into this now - how did you make the dashboard card?

Hav you used any custom cards for this?
Care to share the yaml for the card?


I use Mushroom Cards - Thermostat Card

Mushroom is available in HACS (Home Assistant Community Store).

Install HACS if you don't have it already
Open HACS in Home Assistant
Go to "Frontend" section
Click button with "+" icon
Search for "Mushroom"

and the yaml code: (But you can use the UI just as easy)

type: vertical-stack
  - type: custom:mushroom-title-card
    title: 🌡Downstairs Radiators
    alignment: start
    subtitle: ''
  - type: custom:mushroom-climate-card
    entity: climate.downstairs_radiators
    name: All Downstairs Radiators
    show_temperature_control: true
    fill_container: true
    layout: horizontal
      - auto
      - heat
      - 'off'

Thank you - I actually played around with this a bit, and figured out It was Mushroom card (I already have HACS).

hi, how did you assigned for example “climate.radiator1” and “climate.radiator2” to the “climate.downstairs_radiators” entity? I’m sorry for my possible stupid question, but as a newbie I can’t find a way out for this… Thank you in advance!

Like this

  - platform: climate_group
    name: "Downstairs Radiators"
    temperature_unit: C # default to celsius, 'C' or 'F'
      - climate.den_thermostat_z2m
      - climate.kitchen_thermostat
      - climate.dining_room_thermostat
      - climate.living_room_thermostat

Put that in a configuration.yaml

And reload HA

Thank you, did find my way out!

I know this is old, but I stumbled over it.

So everybody seems to be quite happy with how the custom integration handles it (set all group members to the selected option). It is not ideal for a house-wide groups because you might want have different options there, but the main use is to connect two radiators in one room, which works quite fine.

I also stumbled on it. Couldn’t find another way to combine climate entities. Seems to work fine for now.
Hopefully we’ll get a helper function in the future.

As of 2024.1, the HACS integration no longer works. (Dev stated on Git that he no longer maintains the code).

Therefore users with the need to group no longer have a work around.

Please upvote this feature request to allow this much needed functionality to be implemented.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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using file editor, change the following lines to use new constants names in /custom_components/climate_group/

    ClimateEntityFeature.TARGET_TEMPERATURE | ClimateEntityFeature.TARGET_TEMPERATURE_RANGE | ClimateEntityFeature.PRESET_MODE | ClimateEntityFeature.SWING_MODE | ClimateEntityFeature.FAN_MODE

# HVAC Action priority

change also line 319:

        for hvac_mode in HVAC_MODES[1:] + [HVACMode.OFF]:


That did the trick! Thanks so much, @erpayo

I have put some thought into how to tackle the challenge that @tom_l identifies in which groups of climate entities can be both cooling and heating.

I believe that semantically a radiator thermostat is such a fundamentally different type of device (from e.g. an aircon thermostat) that it should warrant a seperate entity type all together.

If that is not a viable option, a solution that, when climate groups are created, limits functionality of the group/entity to the lowest denominator could work as an alternative. E.g. a thermostat with only heating should then exclusively enable a heating state and disable e.g. cooling.

I’m no dev-dude, so if this is actually doable - I have no idea :man_shrugging:

Anyone got any other ideas that might give us climate groups? :slight_smile:

That solved it! - Thanks!

May be do a fork with the correction?