Climate Group Question

Hi There

I have added a group in yaml for my 4 A/C units and have a couple of questions. Firstly I would like to have a button on my Dwains Dashboard to have them turn on for 30 minutes then turn off. I’m assuming I can do it with an automation that is triggered by said button? What trigger type would be used in automation? Second question, I am unable to add an area to the group entity in UI, if I can achieve that I can have it appear in Dwains Dashboard and set it as a favourite on the front page of dashboard.

Any advice and/or assistance appreciated for a rookie user trying my best but need some guidance.

You should be able to add a button under Settings / Devices & Services / Helpers - + Create Helper.
Once created you can add this to any dashboard you please.

With regards triggering / automations you can use the button being pressed via the dashboard as a trigger by using the state:

  - platform: state
    entity_id: input_button.your_button

Further info here:

I dont think you can assign an area to a yaml group, but I stand to be corrected here!

Thanks so much @rossk. I will tinker with your suggestions over the weekend.

@rossk i got the button running and added it as a trigger using state as suggested. Not sure on how to have the aircon turn off after 30 minutes. They are currently staying on which I’m guessing is the action to turn on?

Multiple ways…

1: turn on, 30 min delay, turn off

2: turn on, start a timer for 30 mins, automation to turn off when timer finishes.

3: turn on, set a date and time entity, automation to turn off at date and time entity.

Really depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve. If it is literally press button, turn on group, wait 30 mins and turn off then that’s it, or am I missing something?

It’s literally for blasting some A/C for 30 minutes then switching off. Option 2 sounds good.