Climate group?

I use Tado and have a number of rooms, each of which has it’s own climate entity - e.g. climate.lounge,, etc.

These entities can each have a state of ‘off’, ‘auto’, or ‘heat’.

What I want is a single entity that summarises whether the boiler is on or not by checking these entities and seeing if any of them have a state of ‘heat’.

You can’t do this using groups. What’s the easiest way of doing this using a template sensor?

I’m thinking a group of entities that the template can iterate through and look at the value of each - anyone done anything like this before?




Thanks, but it looks like that creates a new climate out of several temp sensors and one heater so I don’t think it’ll do what I need.

{{ states.climate | selectattr('state', 'eq', 'heat') | list | length }}

As of 2024.1, the HACS integration no longer works. (Dev stated on Git that he no longer maintains the code).

Therefore users with the need to group no longer have a work around.

Please upvote the feature request to allow this much needed functionality to be implemented: Climate Group Helper

Thanks :slight_smile:

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