Climate integration installation?


Probably a silly question, but please bare with me I am new and learning. I’d really like to make use of the Climate integration and/or the Generic Thermostat. Despite loads of searching and reading I am completely mystified how these are installed and utilised as part of an automation? No doubt it will be simple, so I appreciate your guidance and patience.

Thanks, Mark

Haven’t received any feedback… have continued to search and read.

I am assuming the information found here relates to code I add to my configuration.yaml file, so I will head down that path… although it would be good to hear from someone that has used the code for either the generic thermostat or climate integration to obtain some first hand experience.

I am also utilising the automation side of things, but my initial thinking is that the generic thermostat may save me time? Only questions I have, can code like generic thermostat and/or climate integration handle multiple sensors i.e. inside/outside temperature?

Part of the solution I am trying to develop is a comparison between inside and outside temperature… such as: if inside temp is X and outside temp is Y then do something. Here’s a link to some code I uploaded in another post… Link Here

Not looking for anyone to cut the code for me… just interested in first hand experience, and whether I am going down the wrong rabbit hole.