Climate Modbus integrations issues


I have thermostat on Modbus. I have made all setup and I’m able to read temperature (Current Temperature, Manual Temperature and Auto Temperature) - modbus sensor. I can as well read status of Thermostat and setup status as well (modbus switch).

I try to use modbus climate. I’m able to read data as current temperature but I’m not able to setup.

My configuration is:

  name: RS485
  type: rtuovertcp
  port: 1234

  - platform: modbus
    name: Czujnik_Test
    hub: RS485
    slave: 1
    data_type: int
    data_count: 1
    scale: 0.1
    offset: 0
    precision: 1
    max_temp: 30
    min_temp: 0
    target_temp_register: 4
    current_temp_register: 1

Screenshot from HA

It looks to me that register target_temp_register is able to ready setup temperature from Thermostat, but is not able to setup. This is my observation due to whenever I try to setup from faceplate it is overwrite after a few seconds (refresh interval ).

Do you have idea how to make multiple function to be able to read current temperature and set-up temperature into thermostat?

NOTE: I have not used the Modbus Climate Integration.

Have you read the documentation here? In particular the ‘Services’ section where it gives some detail:


Service Description
set_temperature Set Temperature. Requires value to be passed in, which is the desired target temperature. value should be in the same type as data_type

So you will need to constuct an automation to pass the values something like this below:


- id: SludgePumpRestartDelay
  alias: Sludge Pump Restart Delay
    platform: state
    entity_id: input_number.slider2
    service: modbus.write_register
      hub: hub1
      unit: 1
      address: 3092
      value: "{{ states.input_number.slider2.state|int }}"

So have a go and report back any problems you are having and I will see if I can help more then.

Thank you for your help.
This example it is very useful but I do not have idea how to refer into slider that I have on my card. I’m using type: thermostat (as in above screen), so how can I refer into slider on that? Do you have any idea?
Can you refer into manual that I will be able to ready more about it? Where can I find name of slider that is on Thermostat card?

Sorry for those question but I have started HA working and there is a lot of thinks that I try to manage but I do not have full picture where to find what :slight_smile:

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I read a little better what your config is presently doing (I may have been on the wrong track with my advice) so I would ask could you perhaps post a link to your heating unit manual so I can read that please?


I’m using Modbus protocol to communicate with my thermostat. All data are kept in registers that I can read or write. Entity Climate is one of the entity that I use. Based on HA I can used Thermostat card that I see current temperature and I could be able to setup. If I’m right click on ring I can changed temperature within the range that is setup but I’m not able to send setup. As you have mention I should use “modbus.write_register” but from where I should read that data? To what shall i refer? You are using slidere2 that is defined but how can I read temperature from slider use in Thermostat cards? How to refer into this slider?

I feel I need to look at the manual for your climate device to get on track please?