Climate: Radiotherm gaps


I was pleasantly surprised as to how quick I could get my 3M-50 thermostat (radiotherm) up and running in HA vs OpenHab.

I was then unpleasantly surprised as to how half baked the control was :frowning:

  • Despite having HA set to metric, climate card shows values in F.
  • Temp control is a slider instead of +/- buttons
  • There is no fan control
  • There is no hold control

I want to do more than whine, I want to contribute to make this better but I need a little help.

I need help understanding how cards get created - I searched the repo but couldn’t find any references to anything relating to a climate card. There has to be a layout for it somewhere. Maybe I missed it.

Also, maybe someone could point me to the right resources so I could design my own climate card instead ,which could call into HA’s radiotherm component or perhaps my own if that one or the underlying one falls short of offering functionality such as fan control.

I’d really prefer to beef it up instead of hacking away individual sensors that hit the thermostat API.

I think using a hold feature may not exist on many thermostats in HA apart from the static hold_temp boolean which cannot be changed at runtime (can someone confirm)? At least I don’t see that as an option as an available Service in HA, but I do see things like climate.set_away_mode. I’ve tried using that but that failed to function because the radiotherm Python library does not appear to implement this feature (at least when I did a quick overview of the code), though the library does appear to support toggling hold.

Primarily the reason I wanted a Radio Thermostat was to be able to grab temperature data so I can overlay that with outside temperature and my solar panel output. Otherwise the scheduling features are ok, but are such that I plan to eventually chuck that all into Home Assistant anyway and have it handle the schedule. It already has access to more than even what the RT thermostat do (such as outside weather, sunrise/sunset, etc.) and has interesting means to automate things. It’s not ideal since being able to toggle hold on/off covers most of my common cases. I haven’t yet dug into these parts of HA to know how easy/hard this would be.

Hi, I wrote the initial platform support for the radiotherm thermostat and at the time, I was not sure how many others were using it.

I have seen a couple of threads that have noted some improvements. Let me know if you have any other suggestions other than what has been noted and I will see if I can make the changes.


I did a bit more testing and noticed that “away_mode” maps to away_temperature_heat and cool ( as opposed to the away mode in the app, which the documentation sort of implies although it is a tad confusing there is a difference. The function is basically the same as what the app does I believe. Setting away in the mobile app enables hold and lets you set an away target. I don’t know if the thermostat changes the way it controls the AC or heater in that mode though.

I noticed the Z-Wave radio module for the CT80 is about $25 so I was going to install it and see how the thermostat works over Z-Wave (can’t hurt to have another repeater in the network anyway).

All told, I think the big thing is the upstream patches to the radiotherm library needing to be applied (