Climate sensors in InfluxDB/Grafana


I have several thermostats which show up as climate entities in HA. I can display temperature graphs in Lovelace. But when I try to use Grafana, none of these show up in InfluxDB. It looks like none of this data gets transferred.

This is an excerpt from configuration.yaml:

  host: a0d7b954-influxdb
  port: 8086
  database: homeassistant
  username: homeassistant
  password: hass
  max_retries: 3
  default_measurement: state
      - sensor
      - binary_sensor
      - climate

I’d added the include: (ff) lines as first try but that didn’t change anything.


Noone? Must be something stupid I did - I think this would be a pretty common use case.

Are you able to see anything in InfluxDB?

I personally just have everything going to Influx and haven’t configured any domains etc.

I see everything from the sensor domain but nothing else. Which is my problem because the data is in ‘climate’.

I think a fix for me is here:
fritz dect 301

It was near impossible to solve this, as it requires a few specific lines to Home Assistant’s InfluxDB YAML configuration, to allow entities AND their attributes to be pushed to InfluxDB.

See the details in in my article: Visualizing thermostat/HVAC Home Assistant In InfluxDB and Grafana.

Thanks, @kbahey, for the link to your article.
I, too, have the problem that my Aqara Thermostats’ heating temperature values can’t be found in my InfluxDB.
I tried what you suggest in your article but I still can’t find my thermostats’ heating temperatures in Grafana. The only temperature I can choose is the away_preset_temperature – neither the current_temperature of the internal temperature sensor, nor the target_temperature are visible/accessible. :disappointed:


Do you have the configuration.yaml for influxdb is like this:

  host: x.x.x.x # IP address for your InfluxDB instance (e.g. if on the same RPi)
  database: home_assistant
  max_retries: 3
  precision: ms
    - entity_id
    - friendly_name
    - device_class

Are you selecting from the “climate.xxxxx” (your thermostate entity name)?

Like this