Climate Service set_temperature also turn on split

I’m using the Daikin integration with my Emura Wifi splits.
I’m trying to setup the target temperature of my csplit using the service set_temperature, but when I do this it will also turn on the split.
Is it expected? I expected to not starts the split if I only set the target temperature.


Well I didn’t expect it with my Daikin the first time I tried it!

Do you know if there is a way to avoid this?

You could open a feature request.

I didn’t bother as I dont actually adjust the thermostat manually. It’s all automated.

I think it’s more like a bug, than a new feature: right now you cannot change the target temperature if the AC is off. If you do this, it will be turned on. Basically you should only change the target temp when the AC is on.

Maybe is strictly related to Daikin implementation, I know it sends a huge blob of data with the entire configuration to the unit, instead of single parameter changes.

You could try to argue that but you may be directed to feature requests. Try here: