"Climate: Set target temperature" should accept helpers as temperature setpoint

Service call “Climate: Set target temperature” should accept helper as value for the target temperature. Now it only accepts explicit numbers, see screenshot of my attempt to create an automation (the helper in the screenshot is of type “Number”):

What would it take to make the Climate integration to accept helpers as values? :thinking:

It currently accepts templates.

    - service: climate.set_temperature
        entity_id: climate.bedroom
        temperature: "{{ states('input_number.bedroom_night_temperature') }}"
        hvac_mode: heat
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Not through GUI, it seems, I have just tried :slight_smile: Besides, I still think it should accept helpers directly.

Simply switch the Automation Editor into YAML mode then enter the template.

It can’t because it already supports templates.

There’s not a single option anywhere that supports an entity_id or a template; it’s one or the other. The advantage of a template is that it’s far more capable (for example, it allows for calculations such as setting different values depending on time, presence, etc).

I see :thinking: It seems to work in YAML mode, is there then any reason why one should not be able to do this from visual editor mode?