Climate Showing in Fahrenheit

Hi All,

Is there a fix for this?

On the top of the page the control shows in centigrade, but climate shows centigrade, but the value is in Fahrenheit. Version 0.30.2

+1 I get the same with my ecobee on 0.30.1 - been trying to figure out why since at least 0.29

You can customize it:

    climate.<your sensor>:
      friendly_name: 'Living Room'
      unit_of_measurement: 'Fahrenheit'

That should do the trick.

Edit: the value that the sensor is reporting is afaik changed through ozwcp.


I have the opposite (showing F where it should be C)_ with a climate component via Vera. Reported an issue. My Nest and Danfoss are fine.

You have correct unit system?

‘metric’ for Metric, ‘imperial’ for Imperial

unit_system: metric

platform: ecobee
unit_of_measurement: “Celsius”



Name of the location where Home Assistant is running

name: Home
unit_system: metric

both still display the following:

Which would be hot even for someone in the sahara :slight_smile:

  1. Can you verify unit_system with another sensor?
    2.what happens if you change ecobee to metric?

Have you tried this:

I don’t have an ecobee so I don’t know if it only affects the display or also the sensor readings.


Every other sensor (i.e. my ecobee remotes or my outdoor temperature) displays the correct metric value and the correct unit display.

The ecobee unit itself is already displaying in Metric. It’s only HASS that displays the digits converted to the Fahrenheit equivalent value and still putting degrees C at the end.

I have exactly the same configuration and the same results. It started with version 0.29 for this reason I have not ported to it. I have two running instances and on version 0.28 it is fine (same configuration). That lead me to believe that it was something that it was introduced in version 0.29.