Climate: Smart Thermostat with auto Heat/Cool mode, PID control and PWM

Supported domains and modes for heaters and coolers:

  • switch, input_boolean - Basic on/off like [generic_thermostat] or PWM mode.
  • climate - PID regulator.
  • number, input_number - PID regulator (additional switch is required).

Current features:

  • Support multiply heaters/coolers.
  • Supports heat_cool mode.
  • Supports away mode.
  • Supports invert logic of the heater/cooler.
  • Protection if target sensor does not report values for period of time (sensor_stale_duration).

This is very interesting, I will take a look at it. I use a dualmodegeneric controller to indirectly control an Infinitude HVAC system, it has a lot of inertia, and does not have simple on-off behavior. I’ve considered writing something to use an electric room heater to try and balance the 4 degree F temperature swing I get, but if I can tune the PID on this to turn off the HVAC before it gets enough velocity to badly overshoot that’s possibly a reasonable solution. One problem I foresee is that the Integral term is likely to need to change as the outside temperature changes (i.e. the efficiency of the HVAC system changes). Do you have any advice on this?

Currently there is only one way to change PID params: change config and reload smart thermostat.

Yes, very nice! That is just working as it should. Thanks :partying_face:

I am the creator of a Blueprint named Window open, climate off and I am using your thermostat for developing a new version of the blueprint. Therefore, I am kindly asking if you could add more havc modes to your thermostat. Those are based on manufacturer specific modes from e.g. Tado, Homematic, Yamaha etc.

  • fan_only
  • dry
  • automatic
  • manual
  • boost
  • away
  • night

That would be cool and is just a suggestion to make your awesome thermostat even cooler :wink:

Just installed your work to drive my self made fermentation climate box. And I love it! :wink:


The blueprint what’s you mentioned is still in progress?
Thank you

Hi, yes it is. Less active because of summertime I guess. Check out the last post. It has all the modifications in it.

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Can I add a same device for heating and cooling? AC

No. Heaters and coolers should be different devices.

Thank you.
Would be nice to use my AC for cooling and heating too.

I have multiple heating devices in my living room.
Tado thermostat and AC.

Can i use this to make a dual setpoint climate entity for a climate entity that doesn’t natively support it?

I currently have a climate entity that only supports Heat and Cool (not auto), I would like to to have dual setpoints. If so what woukd the config look like?

No, my thermostat has only single setpoint with tolerance.