Climate Template

Please make it possible to do templating wit climate.

You’re going to have to provide a few more details than that. What are you trying to do that you think is not possible?

A template climate entity is a generic thermostat.

How did this make it to feature requests?

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No clue, the means to do this is not only clearly laid out in the docs but it works a treat. I use template climate entities for all kinds of things.

LIke what? Inspiration is always welcome

- platform: generic_thermostat
  name: "Gas Heater"
  heater: switch.gas_heater
  target_sensor: sensor.bt_lounge_temperature
  min_temp: 15
  max_temp: 30
  ac_mode: False
  target_temp: 20.8
  initial_hvac_mode: "off"
  cold_tolerance: 0.2
  hot_tolerance: 0.2
  away_temp: 16

which will creat

Additionally the climate services all support templates, e.g.

    platform: time
    at: "07:15:00"
    - service: climate.set_temperature
        temperature: "{{ states('input_number.morning_temperature_setpoint')|int(21) }}"
        hvac_mode: heat

Closing this as the FR is vague, requested details were not provided and template functionality has been demonstrated to exist for the two possible use cases I can think of (devices and services).

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