Climate: Thermostat History Graph Not Showing hvac_action

I’m running HASS.IO on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, HA version 0.101.3. I have three Honeywell thermostats. I display the climate data in Lovelace with a History Graph card.

I believe the wrong attribute is being used there.

Prior to about version 0.96, the graph used to show a shaded area under the line when the system was actively heating or cooling; red for heading, green for cooling. There were big changes in 0.96 to the climate integration, and one change broke that shading feature.

That was fixed, and I confirmed in a later release that I was seeing the green shading again when the hvac_action attribute was “cooling.” Of course, it was summer so I wasn’t looking for the red shading for heat.

Now that fall is here, I discovered that the graph isn’t showing the hvac_action attribute at all. Instead, it appears to be drawing green shading only when the fan_action is running, and no bar when it is idle. I haven’t been able to get it to draw a red bar, even when heating.

The fan_action is not a good attribute to use to indicate either heating or cooling.

Of course, there’s no fan for baseboard heaters. And for cooling, the fan is set to run for a while after the compressor stops. Finally, it’s possible to set the thermostat to run the fan in “continuous mode,” so it would always show the green shading, even if there was no cooling running all day.

I think this is a bug. The graph should shade red when hvac_action is “heating” and green when it is “cooling.” There should be no shading when just the fan is running.

I have the same bug, previously it was showing the heating only when the device was generating real heat, and not standby