Climate / Thermostats Fan Mode support in Scene

I am using the following scene to set my two thermostats. However, the fan mode does not change if I set it as part of a scene. However, I can explicitly call set_fan_mode and it works…

Any suggestions on how to address this?

- id: '1592070050913'
  name: AC-Day
      fan_mode: auto
      state: cool
      temperature: 71
      fan_mode: auto
      state: cool
      temperature: 71
      state: 'on'
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I am facing the same issue.
Have you found a solution to set the fan_mode within a scene ?


Same issue here - scene sets all vales for my ducted air conditioning except for fan_mode. Did you ever solve this?

Hi, not that I can remember. But stopped using this integration a while ago as I do not use Mitsubishi AirCond anymore.

Hope you can find yr answer somewhere.

Interesting timing as just yesterday we had our air conditioning controller upgraded. Same physical air conditioner but changed from MHI controller and intesis wifi module to izone (My Zone 3) controller and thermostats.

Heaps better control and integration with home assistant but still the fan speed cannot be changed with scenes. Weird.

Was anyone able to figure this one out? I’m having the same issue with the latest versions of HA and it’s OS