Climate widget sensitivity and size

Hi! First of all I want to say that HO is awsome product and i am use it for years (also cloud).
My complain or issue is dashboard and widgets: I am using climate widget and it is unconvinient to use it on mobile because it is very sensitv and big so i change target temperature every time at scrolling. I am right handed and scrolling is done with right thumb (as most of the people).
Is there a wayt to

  1. lock the widget,
  2. change the size,
  3. change with another widget with same or similar functionallity?
    Tacho is realy not good for mobile, at least for me. Just a buttons would also do a job!
    I am using a latest version of HA OS 2024.2.1 or so

Thank You for any help or suggestion!


You could use 2 conditional cards. One with condition screen: mobile and tile card, and the other one with condition screen: tablet etc. and thermostat card.

Or use the tile card instead of the thermostat card. It has buttons instead. This is what I do for my mobile dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 22-55-02 Mobile View – Home Assistant