Climate with additional components

Hello everybody,

I’m developing a climate component, all is working fine, temperature, on/off etc. I would like also to add a specific option that the device have, it’s an int value meaning the power of the heater.

Until now I put it inside an attribute and it’s visualizable on HA, but I would like to give to users the possibility to modify in a simple way this value.

Here my questions:

  • Which is the best way to implement this kind of case?
  • Can I add an additional input_number from a component? (there is any documentation?)
  • Can I associate also a direct action if the number is modified by the user or I should delegate this kind of struff to the end user?

Thank you in advace


what about

making one of those

I think I have explained in the wrong way something.

I’m developing a software HA integration.