Climax - EMD-1ZBS - Power Metering Device Zigbee ZHA Support


I’m interested in using the Energy dashboard to monitor household electricity and originally thought about building an energy meter using ESP and Current Clamp. After long thought I decided to role the dice and buy a premade Zigbee sensor: EMD-1ZBS made by Climax Technology.

I have connected it today and it did pair with ZHA via Conbee II - it shows up in ZHA
Three sensors
House Energy power
House Energy smartenergy_metering
House Energy smartenergy_metering summation_delivered

My power meter is EDMI Mk7c and I’ve put the sensor over pulse 1

Prior to purchasing I did a little research it seems Deconz support this sensor Climax Energy Meter (EMD-1ZBS) Zigbee compatibility

It may be lack of Zigbee signal but other than see the odd 120 on the House Energy smartenergy_metering sensor then back to zero.

Does anyone have any experience with what would be needed to add official support? if not in ZHA?


this was the dev part of the manual included

Were you able to sort this out?