Climax Zigbee devices

Have been using a home alarm system based on Climax Zigbee hardware together with a Yale Doorman lock and a prototype hub for some years but now they shut down the service and I need to find a new solution that I want to integrate with Home Assistant. I’m not sure if the hardware is compatible with any Zigbee hub or USB stick that I can use with my HA Raspberry.

I have the following hardware Climax hardware:
Remote keypad (KP-23EL-ZBS-ACE)
Siren (SRAC-23-CBS)
Smoke detector (SD-8ZBS-EL)
Motion detector (IR-9ZBSSL)
And som power plugs.

The power plugs are the only ones that I find in the HA compatible device list.

Can I get a Conbee USB stick or any other hardware hub and put everything together? Or do I need to buy new hardware? If so, what is recommended for a home alarm system?

Many thanks!