Clipsal C-Bus / Schneider Wiser Home Controller MKII

My home lighting and garden reticulation is controllers by Clipsal C-Bus2 Relays and also has a Clipsal Wiser Home Controller MKII (Model 5200WHC2) by Schneider Electric. It can only be controlled by with dates Wiser2 app.

I would like to integrate this lighting with an instance of Home-Assistant. Could somebody please tell me if it is possible and how to do so?

A photo of the home controller.

I’d also like to see this enabled somewhere; if only House States (“Day”, “Evening”, etc).

I believe that controller uses Flash which is now not supported by any current mainstream browser. Clipsal/Schneider just ignored the issue and ditched their users who purchased this costly device. This has happened with so many expensive Clipsal products recently that I have no confidence in any new Clipsal product introductions anymore and their ongoing support, although I still have a large C-Bus network install and like it.

The replacement of the Wiser product is the SHAC which can be programmed to connect C-Bus to MQTT. Again an expensive product.

Another (nil cost) way to control C-Bus from HA is to install C-Bus to MQTT under Linux and handle each C-Bus group as an MQTT device in HA.

IIRC There is also an inbuilt HA integration for C-Bus - have you tried that ? I could be confusing this with an OpenHAB addin…. I was …

Thanks @xAPPO ,

I have been looking for a direct cBus integrated app but have not found it.

I have Home-Assistant set up as a supervised instance on a dedicated Linux box. Home Assistant has a MQTT add-on/container which I have also enabled. Plus I have setup a cgate server docker container on top of this on the same box.

I also located the cBus project file.

Now I have no idea how to put this all together for Home Assistant to communicate with cBus but I’m committed. Any assistance is welcomed and appreciated?

I edited my post above to add a link to a topic which should help you…

Using C-GateWeb and mqtt. I set mine up a few years back and it has been running dependably since although now I mainly use the SHAC based implementation

If this is still of interest I have this working using a pi1! (Idea of how long it’s running)

It’s a bit of work but I have notes

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Yes still of interest. :slight_smile:

Took a bit longer to get the time -