Clock synchronization on Zwave network

I would like to request ability to synchronize (or just set) clock on zwave devices from HA.


I too would like this. I have spent rather a lot of time reading docs and I’m not too sure what is what yet. You start here: which is a list of Z Wave standards etc.

… Hmmm they seem to want logins this evening. A few days ago I was able to download lots of PDFs that describe what is supposed to be an open standard: Z Wave. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

This: will expire soon. See section 4.30 or so.


all the zwave specific stuff is already implemented in openzwave (ClockCmd_Set). It’s about using this command in HA.


It looks like this is available in OpenZWave itself but perhaps not python-openzwave yet. I got a bit lost after this: