Clone VM drive

Running Virtual Box on a Lenovo Thinkcenter Mini PC with a small SSD and of course Windows 10 is chewing up all available SSD space. The PC is only used for HA.
Would I run into any issues by cloning the SSD to a larger SSD?
Thanks for any help.

If cloned right it should work seamlessly. But you should rather dedicate a vm host for HA.

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What he said. While VB is an awesome piece of software, you would be far better off using something like Docker, and even better off switching your dedicated Windows PC to Linux w/Docker. It would be much faster for sure and probably boot faster when reboots are needed.

Docker is not really a VM host (or hypervisor as it is called).
Docker is a container system, which means it is not completely virtualized, so part of the host OS will be accessible from the containers and that rules out a HAOS installation.

I would go for the Proxmox hypervisor setup instead. It is a real hypervisor and it is somewhat similar to VirtualBox, just without a fully GUI underneath (you access it through a webpage).
Proxmox can be run as a lab setup, which makes it free and the only downside is a popup you have to click when you enter the administration page of Proxmox, which should be pretty rare. This popup will not affect HA.