Clone wont run

I tried to make a clone of my virtual machine so that I could simplify my VM VirtualBox Manager display. I don’t think I need t always see my 20 snaps shots. I am running Home Assistant OS 11.2 Core on a Linux Guest System on a Mac OS host. When I start the system it bring uo the EFI interactive Shell. I do have EFI selected in VM settings.

I will admit I am not quite sure what I am doing. I sort of thought creat a clone and away you go, Knew that had to be too simple

I haven’t done this for ages, but these are the notes I kept when I last cloned:

When cloning the VM, tick both checkboxes, and pick “all” for mac addresses. When you start the VM it will give errors. This is the way to fix it:

1  Type “exit” at the shell prompt
2  Select “Boot Maintenance Manager” > “Boot Options” > “Change Boot Order”
3  Hit Enter to select the list to change it, and move "UEFI VBOX HARDDISK" to top of list with "+"
4  Press F10 to save the config - press Y to confirm to save
5  Press ESC until you’re out at the top level menu
6  Select Continue - and it should boot.

Good luck!

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Just adding that snapshots should only be used temporarily for few days and in a hierarchy as small as possible.

How do I remove the snapshots??


well sort of… This works to start the clone. but I must repeat the process every time I start the clone . That won’t work for auto start But great information

Simply delete all snapshots through VitualBox.

another duhh. was right in front of me Appreciate

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