Cloning zwave stick

I’ve been using HASS for several years now with a Aeotec Zwave stick. Now I was wondering (for redundancy reasons) if I can clone an existing zwave stick. If yes, how?

Or is this not needed and all info is stored on the zwave configuration file (in that case I can just replace the existing one with a new one)

Yes. If you currently utilize openzwave you can copy zwave files over


Really? I thought the zwave controller stored the information. Had read several posts about moving to a new install and thought you could just move the old stick over to a new computer. Of course after moving over the necessary yaml files.

Yes the stick maintain it’s own zwave network, nodes etc. you could run your zwave network with the stick unplugged from the computer running on the internal battery. But then you would not be able to communicate with it from HASS.
HASS uses openzwave to communicate with stick and the configuration for openzwave is stored in zwcfg_xxx.xml.

Just to be 100% sure I understand @PetrolHead so you are saying I can take a fresh/new zwave stick (assuming simmelar type/brand) and stick this in my HAss rpi or NUC it would work out of the box (=able to use the existing zwave network)?

I’m pretty certain that you will have to pair all of your devices to the new stick. The devices are associated with the stick not HA.

However, saying that, Aeotec does have a z stick backup tool that should allow you to move your existing stick config to new stick without any pairing. At least I hope it does that since I’ve never needed to test it.

Sounds also logically to me. Probably good to make a backup and have a spare stick in the house…

Yes that is correct.