Close cover for 50%


I want to close one of my blinds for 50% at a specific time. I looked at the documentation and found 2 things: cover.close_cover and cover.set_cover_position. Neither giving the result I want. I guess for the cover.close_cover, it is normal to close it all the way, but when I use the other, nothing happens (not in node red, not in developer tools). I set it up like this:

The output I get from the debug node is this:


What could be the problem here?

Does your cover support setting a position? Also you don’t need to hide the entity_id of your cover that’s nothing that someone could use to “hack” your system or similar and I highly suggest changing the entity_id, how can you work with entity_ids with such obscure names?

Does it support it. Don’t know for shure, but since I can say to my Google Home to close it for 50%, I guess so.

look in home assistant on the dev tools -> states page and tell me what the number is for ‘supported_features’

supported features is 11

It does not support set_position. That number would have to be 15 if it did.

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Pretty weird that Google Home does it, any idea how that’s done then?

Is google home connected to the device through HA or is it directly connected to the device?

Directly connected

Then it’s not weird. The HA integration that you’re using doesn’t support it.

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Bummer, but thanks anyway. Guess I’ll count the seconds until it’s half done and then stop it :grinning: