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Closed: Node-Red snapshots


Hi All,

Now Node-RED has hit 1.0 I’ve started using it, like many others I love it.

I’m trying to work out the best way to ensure my flows are captured in my snapshot. I’ve read mixed things online about the in-built HASS.io snapshot capturing these from, “beware it doesn’t” to “its stored in xxxx folder (people think different folders”. I ran a snapshot and checked my own snapshot and couldn’t locate the node-red settings in the homeassistant.tar file.

I can see everything else (my yaml files, .cloud, etc): https://imgur.com/a/cR30OZb

My key questions

  • Do the node-red settings get captured as part of a snapshot, if so where? (or is mine just bugging out?)
  • If not, how are people backing up Node-Red as its now core to my home automation!

Notes: Using HASS.io 0.86.4 and Node-Red via Frenck (v1.3.0)



Are you sure there isn’t a folder inside of your /config folder node-red that contains all the flows.json? I have that so it is saved in the snapshots



See here… Community Hass.io Add-on: Node-RED



@DrJeff turns out, all my snapshots since installing node-red had a bug causing the snapshot to finish before compiling the entire homeassistant folder.

After reading this post, i looked into the logs - fixed the issue I had (completely unrelated to Node-RED) and now node-red is in my backups!

Thank you so much for pointing me to the right spot (my own searching pulled up too many variations). Really appreciate it.

For anyone else looking, you should should node-red in your homeassistant.tar, screenshot of mine for anyone wanting to confirm.

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Will mark this as closed (not sure proper practice, but save others from checking!)