Cloud component - unable to discover new devices

Currently running V0.80.2 Hasio with a current cloud component subscription, however I am now unable to have amazon echo devices discover any new devices, also all of my existing entities are showing in the Alexa desktop app as offline (they are not actually offline though as they still work via voice commend)

I have disabled the home assistant skill and re-enabled it a few times hoping it might kickstart the system into being able to discover without any luck, I have also signed out of my cloud account with Nabu Casa and signed in again but still unable to discover any home assistant new devices (subscription is current and valid)

I have not made any changes or updates to my Haasio other than adding a simple wifi switch which works fine from the gui, also no errors in my log other than the occasional 'timer got out of sync" error so my home assistant is running very well for me.

Anyone have any pointers I can try to try and resolve this?

I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution as yet sir?

I solved my problem. I uninstalled the ewelink skill and a few others from my alexa app after which discovery worked. I am unsure which one was the problem. Should have done it one at a time, lol.

I realised it was an Alexa problem because I could see the exposed entities in the HA cloud component and clicking on them worked.