Cloud Connection Lost

I set up ‘Remote UI’ with Nabu Casa and it has been working for several weeks from both my laptop (Firefox) and from my phone (HA App). I ‘signed off’ the connection from my phone and expected the WEB (Firefox) connection from my laptop to remain active. I have now lost the ability to connect via Nabu Casa Remote CI from anywhere (Connection failed: No response from instance} . Is there any way to connect now or did the ‘sign off’ disable the connection between the remote and Nabu Casa host? Would I need to run “Settings → Home Assistant Cloud” on the remote host? The host is 1000mi away and I did not leave an open port for SSH.

Not sure what you mean by ‘sign off’. Did you flip this switch?

I do not have local access to the Home Assistant (it is 1000mi away). I had two active connections to the remote system through the cloud: A connection from my browser on my laptop and one from my Home Assistant App on my phone. I was trying to disconnect the phone app from the cloud. I thought I would continue to access the remote system from my laptop (Firefox) but that connection was also terminated. Is the connection between the remote system still active? Is there a way to configure the cloud access remotely? Won’t be able to return till next fall.

You still haven’t explained what you mean by ‘signed off’. If you just logged out, you should still be able to log back in from any device. But if you for instance flipped that switch off, then I think you’re out of luck; once you break your connection between Home Assistant and Nabu Casa, you have to be local to re-enable it.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the menu that I selected in the app and since now I am no longer connected, I can’t duplicate it, which would allow me to better describe what I did.

I haven’t given you enough info, my fault not yours. Looking back on it I should not have attempted to use the phone App and just used the WEB access to the Remote UI. Without local access or SSH port forwarding on my router at the remote location, I am screwed

Thanks for your help. I think I need to setup a VPN between the two sites so I can have full secure access to either HA Server from anywhere.