Cloud integration fails to setup once I register with Nabu-Casa

Getting the following error once i register with Cloud.

Takes ages to restart and eventually produces this error.

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

Please check your config and logs.

Section from logs below

2:22:49 PM – (ERROR) Home Assistant Supervisor - message first occurred at 2:22:47 PM and shows up 2 times

Received message for unregistered webhook bd2acb09b3a29e0e376d4dc742b7546ba630300527a0b7e76a28e2d54d10aaa9 from

12:46:07 PM – (WARNING) Webhook - message first occurred at 11:32:11 AM and shows up 4 times

Setup failed for default_config: Could not set up all dependencies.

11:32:11 AM – (ERROR)

Unable to set up dependencies of default_config. Setup failed for dependencies: cloud

11:32:11 AM – (ERROR)

Unable to prepare setup for platform cloud.binary_sensor: Unable to set up component.

11:32:11 AM – (ERROR) - message first occurred at 11:32:11 AM and shows up 3 times

Setup of cloud is taking longer than 300 seconds. Startup will proceed without waiting any longer

11:32:11 AM – (ERROR)

Waiting on integrations to complete setup: cloud

11:31:13 AM – (WARNING) - message first occurred at 11:28:09 AM and shows up 4 times

Error while setting up google_travel_time platform for sensor

11:30:12 AM – (ERROR) Sensor

Setup timed out for stage 1 - moving forward

11:30:09 AM – (WARNING)

Setup of cloud is taking over 10 seconds.

11:27:21 AM – (WARNING) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/asyncio/

Unexpected error in Remote UI loop

11:27:13 AM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hass_nabucasa/

Can’t revoke certificate: urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Certificate is expired

11:27:13 AM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hass_nabucasa/

Invalid certificate found:

11:27:12 AM – (WARNING) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/hass_nabucasa/

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Did you add cloud: to your configuration.yaml file?

Hi Tom,

It does not seem to make any difference with it added.

Only thing I can think of is, I had an Trial Nabu-Casa account which expired a few months ago. I only got around to signing up now. Could that be causing an issue?

It shouldn’t. Drop them a line on their support contact page: Support

Thanks, will do.

I had the same since updating to 2021.5 , it was only when I did a full reboot of HassOs… If i restart just HA , i don’t see the error…
In my case it was because the time zone/time was not correct on cold boot, therefore SSL fails…

I fixed by setting up another NTP, or update to HassOs 6.0 rc2, there is a fix for that, it waits to boot untill time is synched

I am also facing the same issue.