Cloud Plant DB with API for PlantCard

Right now I’m sitting in the August sun, drinking a beer on a two years postponed music festival, but I’ll get back to it as soon as I recover…


No worries at all mate! No rush - just enjoy your break!!

A few updates today as well.

  • A bunch of minor fixes to ensure everything works fine without Openplantbook
  • Fixed a default image in the flower-card if entity_picture is not set
  • Sometimes the websocket did not respond correctly

@Cassio299 I work with promox too. If not check which kind of sensors you use. If you use MiFlora you should be aware that espHome does not read battery values.

If use tasmota with mqtt so i could spread some esp32 trough the house.

@Olen - hope you enjoyed the music festival. Which one was it?

Testing latest beta I’m able to set up without OpenPlantbook which is great :+1:t3:. To me, it seems a little strange having species as a required field. For me it would make more sense to have it as an optional field with a note referencing it as required for OpenPlantbook. To be honest, I think the UI config flow you have is excellent and should be incorporated into the core HA as the default plant integration seems to be one of the few yaml only integrations left.

Moving onto the lovelace card, i realised the units weren’t showing for me due to screen size - turning phone landscape showed them. In any case I’m delighted with the card. Would be nice to have a few more config options for colours, name, subtitle.

Just giving a bit of personal feedback which you can feel free to ignore! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

@fenty17 It was great.

Anyway. I am glad you made it work. And thank you for reporting the issues you find.

Regarding required fields, there is a very limited set of options you can use when creating a config flow. I am already stretching it beyond what was intended I think, by (ab)using a few hacks. The whole project started because I wanted to integrate Openplantbook into the plant component, so in that way, it makes sense to have species as a required field.
Also, how I set up my plants is that I give them name such as “Big white pot”, “Wooden box outside” etc. and then the species is displayed nicely below. Notice that you now have a separate “Species to display” field whch is used throughout the UI,
If you don’t use Openplantbook you can just write whatever you want it the “species” field, and it is not actually used for anything after the plant is set up.

Regarding replacing the official implementation, I sort of agree, but on the other hand I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. First of all, Integrations that use or rely on other integrations in the way this one uses the openplantbook integration is quite unique, and probably not up to how they like it.
It is also not up to all the standards, so it probably requires a lot of work to make it ready for mainline inclusion.

I’ll see if I add some more options to the card for coloring etc, but I want to keep having all info that is dsplayed in the card read from the plant device (and it’s entites). If you want to change the name in the card, change the plant name. If you want to change the “subtitle”, change the “Species to display” in the plant config. I don’t want all o those things in the card config as well. That way things are consistent, and there is never any doubt where the info is coming from.

I managed to make species optional. New beta released yesterday where it is easier to add and remove both species, display species and image. Also includes a few other related fixes.

I looked into options for coloring the flower-card, but as far as I can tell, the css is generated before the config is parsed, so at least with the current version of card-tools that seems to be a non trivial fix. If you feel strongly for it, I suggest you add it as an issue to the flower-card github page, and I’ll see if I can do something about it later.

Amazing work! Thanks, and well done. I will give the updated version a test later regarding the optional species tweak.

No worries about the card colours etc. I’m more than happy to try some CSS tweaks via card-mod - just haven’t gotten round to it yet.

The classes are “good”, “bad” and “unavailable” (not “ugly”), so you can probably make some tweaks.

@Thomas Bail Home assistant doesn’t see my usb dongle so I do not get any sensors from my flower pins how ever I get the sensors via ESPHome integration in Home assistant Only the old (2017 and before sticks support, as I understand it, Battery usages

@Olen can I suggest that you make a new tread in here with 2022 in the title when you release version 2 the tread is quite long and the title could be more specific. I believe that your card is the only card still supported in here.

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@Cassio299: That is probably a good idea.

I am sorry for the number of betas here, but I’d rather release them as soon as fixes are available than have the commits piling up, at least during the beta period.

I hope most of the corner cases, especially when it comes to migration of yaml-config as that has been the main source of bugs lately, are fixed now, so I currently plan to release 2.0 this weekend.

One last treat, that is not directly related to the plant integration, is that I am currently testing an option in the openplantbook integration that will download the images automatically.

I have published a beta-release (1.1.0-beta.1) of the OpenPlantbook integration so It should be available from HACS if you enable beta releses.
More info in the README.


Thats the point only the old ones :frowning: These are sending battery values.

I released version 2.0.0 out of beta today.

No new issues reported for a few days, and you now have the weekend to test and upgrade.

I also published a new topic here to discuss this release:

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@Olen: I have replyed in your new tred

Hi all. New features reach release of OpenPlantbook cloud has arrived. :slight_smile:

See details at GitHub - slaxor505/OpenPlantbook-client: Open Plantbook clients and UI

Release 2209 notes

UI updates:

  • Added validation when saving a modified Public Plant. User cannot save modified public plant if no attributes have been modified.
  • Added stylised notifications to reflect results of operations
  • Added “Category” when creating and modifying plants
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements

API updates and changes (see API documentation for details):

  • Plant Search endpoint now returns combined user + public plants result with deduplication.
  • Plant Search results now include plant’s Category.
  • Introduced search selector “userplant” to Plant Search endpoint. Now it is possible to search public and user plants, and get separate (user/public) and combined results.
  • Plant Details endpoint returns extra field “‘user_plant’: True” if resulting plant is user-plant.
  • Added “Category” field when creating and modifying plants


  • Updated web framework and libraries to the secure and vulnerabilities free versions.

Hi all!

I’m excited to a major new feature of Open Plantbook!

The feature will allow you to share your own and see other users plants’ sensor data. For example, if you grow Rose in Norway then you will be able to see environment conditions where these Roses are grown around the world.
Moreover, you are not limited to the plants you have, and you will be able to see all users plants sensor’s data which Plantbook have been collected. It will include location (a country and perhaps city) where a particular plant grows bundled with its sensor data. The motivation for users to share their plant’s sensor data is you will be able to see others data if you are sharing yours. Displayed information will be anonymous and only include approximate location, sensor data and related plant. You can start development of your integration now. Sensor-data endpoints documentation here. Any feedback is always welcome.

See Release notes on the link: GitHub - slaxor505/OpenPlantbook-client: Open Plantbook clients and UI

Help is needed to introduce this functionality into HASS integration. If you can contribute then please submit PR to Olen’s integration. Reach me out or Olen if any questions in this regard. I’m currently working on development of phase 2 of this feature which will introduce ability to browse Sensor Data in Open Plantbook UI.

Also I’d like you to help understand how useful this feature is so please answer a few questions in the next message’s survey.


Sensor-data sharing feature feedback.

  1. Does “Sensor-data sharing” feature have practical use for you?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not practical but It’s just fascinating to browse this information.

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  1. Are you keen on sharing your sensor-data?
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • No, because I’m concerned about sharing any info even if it is anonymous.
  • No, because I’m concerned about sharing any approximate location.
  • No, because my HASS and cannot access internet or has limited outbound access.
  • No, other reasons.

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Thank you in advance!

Hi all!

New release 2302.
Fully functional Sensor-Data UI
UI is fully wired using Grafana to display Sensor’s data.

  • Added initial Grafana dashboard for sensor data
  • Changed “supported measurements” for Sensor-upload end-point to be the same as rest of API
  • Rework to handle internal asynchronous operations
  • Internal platform resilience works

Hi all! I’m happy to announce the next release 2307 of Open Plantbook.

Release highlights: Ability to browse and use other users’ plants and submit request for a missing plant.

Our users have already created many plants and starting from this release others can benefit from it. If in UI “Browse DB” no plants (Public-plants) have been found then you can search in users’ plants as well. In doing so you can then add (by cloning or linking) other users’ plants to “My-plants” so they are available for your integrations.
If the plant, you need, is still not found in users’ plants, you can submit a request for the missing plant. These requests will help to find the most demanded missing plants, so we or the community can add them later. The plan is to expose these requests to all of our users so the community can help.

All changes and new features:

  • New UI Form to see plants’ details and their images
  • Ability to Browse other users’ plants (user-plants)
  • Ability to CLONE or LINK other users’ plants (user-plants) to My-Plants
  • Ability to request missing plant
  • UI revamp, better navigation with breadcrumbs
  • Security and reliability updates
  • Released Python “json-timeseries” library to ease Sensor-data integration (see API docs)


  • Ability to upload plants’ pictures in UI
  • Allow to search users’ plant (user-plants) via API
  • Ability to add and see multiple common names of the plants including in different national languages
  • Ability to add, modify and see general information about plants in UI and via API
  • Ability to specify alternative thresholds for different seasons of the year (summer, winter, etc.)