New version of the plant integration

I just released a new version of the alternative “plant” integration:

Some highlights:

Plants are now treated as devices

This means that the main plant entity references other entities, and they are grouped togheter in the GUI as a single device.

Plants are set up and configured using the UI

Plants are set up in the UI and all configuration of your plants can be managed there or by automations and scripts.

Existing entries in configuration.yaml from version 1 will be migrated to the new format automatically.

New flower card

I have also released a new version of the flower-card that works with the new plant integration

Please read the READMEs of both of the projects before you upgrade.


Thanks, works like a charm

Thank you Olen I really like the new release the setup in the Gui is very easy and fast and edible. Im already up and running with version 2, and I hope many people will update and post their setup here!! this is what I have done with the plant integration:

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@Cassio299: That is probably a good idea.

I am sorry for the number of betas here, but I’d rather release them as soon as fixes are available than have the commits piling up, at least during the beta period.

I hope most of the corner cases, especially when it comes to migration of yaml-config as that has been the main source of bugs lately, are fixed now, so I currently plan to release 2.0 this weekend.

One last treat, that is not directly related to the plant integration, is that I am currently testing an option in the openplantbook integration that will download the images automatically.

I have published a beta-release (1.1.0-beta.1) of the OpenPlantbook integration so It should be available from HACS if you enable beta releses.
More info in the README.

I have downloaded your beta 1 of the OpenPlantbook however I do not recive any pictures. My setup is a pc from 2012 there is no firewall or any blocking running HA though Nabu Casa. When should it download I did an update from 1.0.3 release this is my plant book setting:

Skærmbillede 2022-08-20 kl. 05.35.16

I had the path folder before downloading the beta. Do you want me to. open an issue on the Github page?? do you need any logs ??

Please set log_level for custom_components.openplantbook to “debug”, and look in your logs.
It should tell you what it’s doing.

Also, please explain in more detail what you do and what you expect to happen.

If somewthing is wrong, then please open bug report in github.

Just setup 2of 18 plants. How could i add the air humidity to a plant later?

Use the plant.replace_sensor service call

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Thanks for the hint.

It is a long way from move from openhab over to homeassistant and i am still on my way.

Just writing to thank @Olen awesome card, I love it :slight_smile: :sunflower:


Looks interesting, I will give it a try but how do I start to add a new plant (after I installed the repos).
I have a Mi Flora sensor but not yet set up.

Go to “Serrings” → “Devices and services” and click “Add integration”.
Search for “Plant” to set up a new plant

You should probably add the Bluetooth-integration and the MiFlora BLE integration first, to have some sensors to connect to the plant.

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Do i see it right that the plant card shows only the device name. This leads to a prolem ifi have more plants from the same type.

It would be nice if the card would accept some kind of friendly name oder title.

The device name is a friendly name. You can set it to whatever you want.
Species is unrelated to the name.

Hi @Olen

I just wanted to send my thanks for the new integration. I have been using it for a few weeks now and am thrilled. The change to define plants as devices makes it much easier for automation and alerts.

Great work!

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Hi, does anyone knows how to rise this value (dli)?

Place the plant somewhere with more light.
With that said, remember that the sensor probably measure the illuminance at the ground level, while the plant picks up most light from the top foliage.

For me the flower card has been working for a real long time, but now all of a sudden it doesn’t show anymore. No error, nothing, it just doesn’t show. Anyone else experiences this?

Running all latest versions as far as i can tell

Home Assistant 2022.10.3
Supervisor 2022.10.0
Operating System 9.2
Frontend-versie: 20221010.0 - latest

And version 2.1.0 of the plant card

With edit on it shows:


The code i’m using:

type: custom:flower-card
entity: plant.pannenkoekplant
  - illuminance
  - moisture
  - conductivity
  - temperature
battery_sensor: sensor.plant_sensor_4019_battery

Only thing I can think of is kinda related could be the installation of openplantDB integration yesterday. But I don’t understand why this should have this kind of effect.

But after removing the OpenPlantDB integration the cards reappeared. Any thoughts of why this would be the case?

Wow! I had totally missed this!

This is what the flower card should have been from the start!

Great job!


Works very well, thank you!

Only just found this and it works a treat! Thanks @Olen