[CLOUD] Request feature to not share unavailable light

Hello all,

I request a feature to hide/not share unavailable lights in the cloud integration. In the UI/Lovelace it is possible to hide a light by a conditional card. Unfortunatly, this is not possible in the cloud integration. Maybe via the filter option in yaml?

For example, my christmas lights are connected to Home Assistant via Philips Hue. Only for approx. one month a year, these will be necessary. In the other months, I don’t need Google Assistant or Alexa (which in their turn, get their information solely from Home Assistant, not Hue) to tell me that they are unable to reach the lights.

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Don’t forget to vote for your own suggestion!

…I must admit that I do not fully understand it though. What is “cloud integration”?

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Look into the spook integration. It might be able to handle it.

Haha thanks for the suggestion about the vote!

I meant the Nabu Casa Cloud, or in the packages / config.yaml reffered to as “cloud:”

Thanks for the reply. I just looked through the integration and couldn’t see to find the sollution.
The simplest solution would be to add an option, stating:

hide_unavailable_entites: true