Cloudcut tuya plug installed libretiny fine but stopped coming online after OTA update

I started playing with cloudcutter with some becken chip Tuya thingys I have… Led strip and power plug both were happily taking the kickstart firmware.
Added both to esphome and made yamls for each using and flashed.
Led strip works fine (better than with tuya firmware), plug not coming online any more, also no captive portal which I did select on upk tickbox (would it have needed some manual configuration added?).

The plug has its led on, not reacting to button short or long press. Disconnected from power for 10+min and pugged back in but still not appearing.

Would OTA update be accepted if wrong board was accidentally selected or something like that?

Is there anything I can try before breaking it open to flash with a physical connection?

Possibly the config / pin mapping isn’t quite right?

Can you see the device on your network (via router)?

Probably you should post links to the devices and your yaml.

Not connecting to wifi (router hasn’t seen it since the OTA) and not making the backup wifi AP either. So basically bricked.

Randomly decided to try powercycling it some 10 times. Now it connected to wifi and can try finding working config!