Cloudfare Zero Trust Tunnel : Error 403

I exposed my Home Assistant (Proxmox VM) with a Zero Trust tunnel from Cloudflare. I can access the HomeAssistant VM from my PC without any problem from my domain name. But from the HomeAssistant app on iOS, I constantly get an error message:

Invalid HTTP response (403) for

Code d'erreur:
PromiseKit.PMKHTTPError 0


  ip_ban_enabled: true
  use_x_forwarded_for: true

Anyone ever had a similar message?
Thanks for your help

@fabxqaq I did the same today and am getting exactly the same error (in ios app).

I believe the issue is the app is being presented with a human verification page from cloudflare rather than the usual HA login page so it’s throwing up this error. I’ve had no luck either though yet !

Any news here, still having it, would really like to remove the VPN, and use cloudflare