Cloudflare additional host not working

I’m trying to add a additional host to my Cloudflare addon with port 8123. So i can be able to use google home features. When i try to access my additional host i get “This site can’t be reached”.

Same problem also for me. It was working until this morning. Not sure if this problem is related to a problem at my place or at cloudflare.

different behavior here, checked everything, seems to be a bug as other additional hosts with other ports are working fine apart from HomeAssistant ui page. ERROR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

But additional hosts configured on addon are working fine. ex.

I’m seeing similar behaviour (although not on additional hosts, but rather the main host), through a browser I am seeing same behaviour as OP, within the iOS assistant app, I’m seeing the following. Everything has been working faultlessly since I set it up around 8 months ago.

Same here. DNS record not working and Cloudflare console shows an error loading the tunnel info.
Everything seems to be fine on the add-on log page

I think this may be a freenom issue (certainly for me). I registered another domain and all is working seamlessly.

Ok, got it, I also have freenom and a .ml domain, what did you use for your new domain? thanks

Seems to be an issue with the .ml DNSs servers not forwarding to Cloudflare DNSs.
Don´t know if it´s a Mali or Freenom issue though
Cloudflare DNSs servers reply correctly when queried directly about my domain

I just purchased a cheap domain from Namecheap and used that.

Thanks, did the same thing, got a cheap domain and it´s working once again.
Freenom had been failing for some time now and I didn´t know it

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