Cloudflare domain registration

This looks supper cheap…like $8USD/yr cheap so why not just get domain instead of duck dns?

Some people would prefer not to buy a domain, and would rather use a free option like DuckDNS.

Personally, I use one of my several domains for my system, and don’t use DuckDNS.

You need a fixed ip to point the domain to

How many home users has a fixed ip from the isp? 5%

No you don’t.

I have a dynamic IP address, and my router supports all major Dynamic DNS providers, which almost every registrar supports. The idea that you need a static IP is inaccurate.

So how does cloudflare work as registrar without a static ip

Sorry I see now they have a new service. I have used them for many years but only as cdn

You can register any domain on any registrar without an IP address. You don’t have to point the domain to anything.

I know that even if I cant see the reason for it. But the cloudflare ddns make it cheaper to use my own domain at home. Dont have to pay the isp 10 € per month for a fixed ip anymore

People buy domains to own them for future projects or to squat on domains to make money. They may not have an actual website created or a reason to point it to anything yet. Seems pretty straight forward to me. I own a few domains for projects that I have worked on or am working on for the future, but don’t see a need to build a site or point to anything since I have nothing finished for them yet.

I also have a few unused from before. So you are right. Even if I dont save them but let them die when registration expires. Anyhow the Cloudflare registrar is a good idea. Now all services can be with one provider, cdn, registrar, ddns. And then all extra that they have

In answer to your question, there is literally nothing stopping you from using your own domain. I do it, as do many others.

I always thought they use free due to high cost…I never register many domain but when I have in past cost was pretty high(hundreds)

I only posted this because they were selling at cost which was more than free but may make sense if you want domain for professional purpose or simpler name


I have never, ever paid hundreds for a domain. I have never paid more than $60 for a domain, and every domain I have now is between $12 and $24 a year.

This was not me registering…others were doing it so cost may have included other services. I pay about $10 but had seen cost as high as 60/yr which was annoying.

Thought having all in one (registrar, dns, etc) would be useful to someone

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It sure is.