Cloudflare IP updater always stops itself, how to fix?

As per title, I am on 0.110.3

Nothing in Log

What do you mean by “stops itself”?

You click start, it works fine, no errors in log, after a while you go back to the addon and it is stopped, nothing in Log

This in configuration
email: [email protected]
api: alongstringtakenfromcloudflare

Looks like that’s normal and you need to set up an automation to make it run at a regular interval:

However, an integration exists for this already that offers the same functionality so you don’t really need that add-on anyway:
The integration runs every hour by default, but you could increase the interval by making a similar automation to the one required for the cloudflare add-on, but with the service shown in the docs for the integration.

I have all those automation, but still the IP is not updated (not always, at least)

Anyway shouldn’t the addon be running?

No, it appears that’s what the automation is for (to start the add-on at whatever interval you specify and then stop after it’s done running). Why it’s like that, I’m not sure (I run a Container install so I don’t have add-ons).

What makes you think your IP address isn’t being updated? Is your WAN IP address really changing often enough for you to notice?

Because I checked it and was not updated, I noticed because could not reach Hassio and other server in my LAN.

If the WAN IP changes often or not I don’t know

What time pattern interval do you have for the automation? Maybe it can’t reach the cloudflare API when it runs sometimes and it’s noticeable due to a long time pattern interval.