Cloudflare + Node-Red


I’m trying to use de pallet “node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel”,

but I need configure this in the pallet:


I put my ip and port, but the erro:

Error 1003:

Direct IP access not allowed

I tried to find, some topic with Cloudflare and this node-red:

But I didn’t find anything.

if anyone had this problem, Would you help me?

Have you followed the directions like remove all other alexa nodes and you are using the node red ip with 1880 as the port

I removed all palletes and try to use 1880, but is already using.

I the cloudflare docs:
Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

The 1880 ins`t a port that I can use.

I try the others doors, but everyone I get error 1003

You will need to use one of the available https ports for node red. On the addon page → configuration tab you can change the port for node red.

I see videos and configs, I need another port for the connection to the count.

But the problem, it`s cloudflare not allow enter website with ip and much ports.

I would like configure cloudflare, to access my ip:port
or another approach to configure