Cloudflared on HAOS Error

I installed HA on TrueNAS scale through Trucharts and was able to add it as a subdomain through the cloudflared app also through Trucharts. However, I was able to see any local devices so I installed HAOS as a VM and can see the local devices but I am now not able to add it to cloudflared.

I tried adding the cloudflared addon within HA but I keep getting the following error

2024-02-01T18:23:56Z ERR Failed to create new quic connection error=“failed to dial to edge with quic: timeout: no recent network activity” connIndex=0 event=0 ip={removed this for security}
2024-02-01T18:23:56Z INF Retrying connection in up to 2s connIndex=0 event=0 ip={removed this for security}

I tried switching to http2 but no difference (get a similar error)

Any ideas?

What’s weird is I’m getting something without the tunnel even connecting

But when I click retry I get a 502 error


I figured it out

I needed to add the VM to a bridge network interface and not the host