Cloudflare's dns hard coded

I recently came across the fact that supervisor/tests/api/ contains a file called which uses the dns from Coudflare. The problem here is that why the Domain Name Server has to be provided by Cloudflare, why can’t it be the default from the router or the one that you assigned from your router like Pihole, AdGuard Home, etc. The other i found was in supervisor/tests/resolution/check/ which prioritized the Cloudflare domain as opposed to the main . I could be wrong though, but using a DNS provider hard coded is not a good practice, TV and IoT manufacturers do these kind of shady practices to avoid your set of rules again by your router or your pihole install…What are your thoughts on this?

Those are tests. That code isn’t run in deployed supervisor instances, its only run in CI and on developer machines to confirm their code works. Hell that code doesn’t even exist in deployed supervisor instances, the only files copied from the supervisor repo into supervisor’s built images are here:

Notice tests is intentionally omitted. Test code has no place in a production image.

So yea, my thoughts are there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Hard-coded values are a best practice in test code. And the code you’re calling out affects literally no one. Even if you run the tests it won’t actually reach out to, it just uses that as a mock value for an ip address to confirm the tests works.

Amusingly you actually missed the only one I do have an issue with and that’s this one:

Again, to be clear, this is test code, no one runs this code other then supervisor developers. But I am a supervisor developer and so this one bugs me. Because test_exists_open_port always fails for me since it actually tries to reach out to and I block that on my network :laughing:

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