Clueless on how to troubleshoot my Z-Wave JS integration

Hello everyone,

I have recently started to experience weird behaviors with my roller shutters.

I was now working at my computer sitting at home all alone, and some of my shutters closed and reopened again. No button pressed that I know. If I go to the logbook I don’t see anything strange, but I just can’t happen to figure out what triggered my roller shutters to fully close and then fully open.

I’ve had these devices installed for years and my experience has always been sound. Not even sure where to start.

I checked the add-on and it looks like it did not report anything for a few hours, but some minutes ago (it is 14:20 currently) it seems to have thrown some errors into the console.

When I configured and enabled this add-on I did not enable logging. I just did now and restarted it. Will try to analyze the logs once I have them. In the mean time if anybody has any experience with this, I would very much appreciate any insight that could be shared here.

2024-03-19T04:47:57.744Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] requesting current switch state...
2024-03-19T04:47:57.787Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying current sensor reading...
2024-03-19T04:47:57.829Z CNTRLR « [Node 003] received current sensor reading:
                                  sensor type: Power
                                  value:       0 W
2024-03-19T04:47:57.830Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying meter value (type = Electric, scale = kWh)...
2024-03-19T04:47:57.876Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying meter value (type = Electric, scale = W)...
2024-03-19T12:41:41.831Z CNTRLR « [Node 003] Received updated node info
2024-03-19T12:41:41.832Z CNTRLR   [Node 003] Node does not send unsolicited updates; refreshing actuator and sen
                                  sor values...
2024-03-19T12:41:41.834Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying Binary Switch state...
2024-03-19T12:41:41.872Z CNTRLR « [Node 003] received Binary Switch state:
                                  current value:      true
2024-03-19T12:41:41.872Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] requesting current switch state...
2024-03-19T12:41:41.915Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying current sensor reading...
2024-03-19T12:41:41.962Z CNTRLR « [Node 003] received current sensor reading:
                                  sensor type: Power
                                  value:       0 W
2024-03-19T12:41:41.963Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying meter value (type = Electric, scale = kWh)...
2024-03-19T12:41:42.009Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] querying meter value (type = Electric, scale = W)...

Thanks a million in advance!

Ok, the issue just happened again, right after I enabled logging in the add-on.

I notice a gap in the time reported by the add-on. I wonder if the add-on uses a different time than the system?

This is the output that I see (I’m sure it is 1h in the past, as I just enabled it and the issue occurred a few minutes later, and at the time of this writing it is 14:42):

2024-03-19T13:24:41.908Z DRIVER   ███████╗        ██╗    ██╗  █████╗  ██╗   ██╗ ███████╗          ██╗ ███████╗
                                  ╚══███╔╝        ██║    ██║ ██╔══██╗ ██║   ██║ ██╔════╝          ██║ ██╔════╝
                                    ███╔╝  █████╗ ██║ █╗ ██║ ███████║ ██║   ██║ █████╗            ██║ ███████╗
                                   ███╔╝   ╚════╝ ██║███╗██║ ██╔══██║ ╚██╗ ██╔╝ ██╔══╝       ██   ██║ ╚════██║
                                  ███████╗        ╚███╔███╔╝ ██║  ██║  ╚████╔╝  ███████╗     ╚█████╔╝ ███████║
                                  ╚══════╝         ╚══╝╚══╝  ╚═╝  ╚═╝   ╚═══╝   ╚══════╝      ╚════╝  ╚══════╝
2024-03-19T13:24:41.910Z DRIVER   version 12.4.4
2024-03-19T13:24:41.911Z DRIVER
2024-03-19T13:24:42.934Z CONFIG   version 12.4.4
2024-03-19T13:24:43.318Z CNTRLR   querying Serial API capabilities...
2024-03-19T13:24:43.436Z CNTRLR   received API capabilities:
                                    firmware version:    1.0
                                    manufacturer ID:     0x86
                                    product type:        0x01
                                    product ID:          0x5a
                                    supported functions:
                                    · GetSerialApiInitData (0x02)
                                    · SetApplicationNodeInformation (0x03)
                                    · ApplicationCommand (0x04)
                                    · GetControllerCapabilities (0x05)
                                    · SetSerialApiTimeouts (0x06)
                                    · GetSerialApiCapabilities (0x07)
                                    · SoftReset (0x08)
                                    · GetProtocolVersion (0x09)
                                    · SetRFReceiveMode (0x10)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SET_SLEEP_MODE (0x11)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_NODE_INFORMATION (0x12)
                                    · SendData (0x13)
                                    · SendDataMulticast (0x14)
                                    · GetControllerVersion (0x15)
                                    · SendDataAbort (0x16)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_R_F_POWER_LEVEL_SET (0x17)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_DATA_META (0x18)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_RANDOM (0x1c)
                                    · GetControllerId (0x20)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BYTE (0x21)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BYTE (0x22)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BUFFER (0x23)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BUFFER (0x24)
                                    · EnterBootloader (0x27)
                                    · GetNVMId (0x29)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongBuffer (0x2a)
                                    · ExtNVMWriteLongBuffer (0x2b)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongByte (0x2c)
                                    · ExtExtWriteLongByte (0x2d)
                                    · GetNodeProtocolInfo (0x41)
                                    · HardReset (0x42)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_COMMAND_COMPLETE (0x44)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_SEND_DATA (0x45)
                                    · AssignReturnRoute (0x46)
                                    · DeleteReturnRoute (0x47)
                                    · RequestNodeNeighborUpdate (0x48)
                                    · ApplicationUpdateRequest (0x49)
                                    · AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)
                                    · RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_CREATE_NEW_PRIMARY (0x4c)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_CONTROLLER_CHANGE (0x4d)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_LEARN_MODE (0x50)
                                    · AssignSUCReturnRoute (0x51)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REQUEST_NETWORK_UPDATE (0x53)
                                    · SetSUCNodeId (0x54)
                                    · DeleteSUCReturnRoute (0x55)
                                    · GetSUCNodeId (0x56)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_SUC_ID (0x57)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_EXPLORE_REQUEST_INCLUSION (0x5e)
                                    · RequestNodeInfo (0x60)
                                    · RemoveFailedNode (0x61)
                                    · IsFailedNode (0x62)
                                    · ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x66 (0x66)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x67 (0x67)
                                    · GetRoutingInfo (0x80)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_LOCK_ROUTE_RESPONSE (0x90)
                                    · GetPriorityRoute (0x92)
                                    · SetPriorityRoute (0x93)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x98 (0x98)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xB4 (0xb4)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_WATCH_DOG_ENABLE (0xb6)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_WATCH_DOG_DISABLE (0xb7)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_WATCH_DOG_KICK (0xb8)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xB9 (0xb9)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_RF_POWERLEVEL_GET (0xba)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_LIBRARY_TYPE (0xbd)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_TEST_FRAME (0xbe)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_PROTOCOL_STATUS (0xbf)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD2 (0xd2)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD3 (0xd3)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD4 (0xd4)
                                    · undefined (0xee)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xEF (0xef)
2024-03-19T13:24:43.436Z CNTRLR   querying version info...
2024-03-19T13:24:43.443Z CNTRLR   received version info:
                                    controller type: Static Controller
                                    library version: Z-Wave 3.95
2024-03-19T13:24:43.444Z CNTRLR   querying protocol version info...
2024-03-19T13:24:43.449Z CNTRLR   received protocol version info:
                                    protocol type:             Z-Wave
                                    protocol version:          3.95.0
2024-03-19T13:24:43.449Z CNTRLR   querying controller IDs...
2024-03-19T13:24:43.455Z CNTRLR   received controller IDs:
                                    home ID:     0xe45ab5aa
                                    own node ID: 1
2024-03-19T13:24:43.463Z CNTRLR   Performing soft reset...
2024-03-19T13:24:43.466Z CNTRLR   Waiting for the controller to reconnect...
2024-03-19T13:24:44.969Z CNTRLR   Re-opening serial port...
2024-03-19T13:24:45.974Z CNTRLR   Waiting for the Serial API to start...
2024-03-19T13:24:50.977Z CNTRLR   Did not receive notification that Serial API has started, checking if it respo
2024-03-19T13:24:51.004Z CNTRLR   Serial API responded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.024Z CNTRLR   supported Z-Wave features:
2024-03-19T13:24:51.025Z CNTRLR   querying controller capabilities...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.033Z CNTRLR   received controller capabilities:
                                    controller role:      primary
                                    is the SUC:           true
                                    started this network: true
                                    SIS is present:       true
                                    was real primary:     true
2024-03-19T13:24:51.033Z CNTRLR   finding SUC...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.037Z CNTRLR   This is the SUC
2024-03-19T13:24:51.037Z CNTRLR   querying additional controller information...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.144Z CNTRLR   received additional controller information:
                                    Z-Wave API version:         5 (legacy)
                                    Z-Wave chip type:           ZW050x
                                    node type                   Controller
                                    controller role:            primary
                                    controller is the SIS:      true
                                    controller supports timers: false
                                    nodes in the network:       1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2024-03-19T13:24:51.230Z CNTRLR   [Node 001] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.242Z CNTRLR   [Node 002] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.248Z CNTRLR   [Node 003] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.252Z CNTRLR   [Node 004] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.256Z CNTRLR   [Node 005] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.263Z CNTRLR   [Node 006] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.268Z CNTRLR   [Node 007] Embedded device config loaded
2024-03-19T13:24:51.273Z CNTRLR   setting serial API timeouts: ack = 1000 ms, byte = 150 ms
2024-03-19T13:24:51.277Z CNTRLR   serial API timeouts overwritten. The old values were: ack = 1500 ms, byte = 15
                                  0 ms
2024-03-19T13:24:51.278Z CNTRLR   Interview completed
2024-03-19T13:24:51.286Z CNTRLR   [Node 001] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.286Z CNTRLR   [Node 001] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.287Z CNTRLR   Interviewing nodes and/or determining their status: 4, 7, 3, 6, 2, 5
2024-03-19T13:24:51.287Z CNTRLR » [Node 004] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.353Z CNTRLR » [Node 007] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.354Z CNTRLR » [Node 003] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.355Z CNTRLR » [Node 006] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.356Z CNTRLR » [Node 002] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.356Z CNTRLR » [Node 005] pinging the node...
2024-03-19T13:24:51.423Z CNTRLR   [Node 004] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.423Z CNTRLR   [Node 004] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.424Z CNTRLR « [Node 004] ping successful
2024-03-19T13:24:51.473Z CNTRLR   [Node 007] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.473Z CNTRLR   [Node 007] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.475Z CNTRLR « [Node 007] ping successful
2024-03-19T13:24:51.505Z CNTRLR   [Node 003] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.506Z CNTRLR   [Node 003] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.508Z CNTRLR « [Node 003] ping successful
2024-03-19T13:24:51.539Z CNTRLR   [Node 006] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.540Z CNTRLR   [Node 006] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.542Z CNTRLR « [Node 006] ping successful
2024-03-19T13:24:51.593Z CNTRLR   [Node 002] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.594Z CNTRLR   [Node 002] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.596Z CNTRLR « [Node 002] ping successful
2024-03-19T13:24:51.662Z CNTRLR   [Node 005] The node is alive.
2024-03-19T13:24:51.663Z CNTRLR   [Node 005] The node is ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.664Z CNTRLR   All nodes are ready to be used
2024-03-19T13:24:51.665Z CNTRLR « [Node 005] ping successful

I can’t see anything strange in the log, other than a soft reset:

2024-03-19T13:24:43.463Z CNTRLR   Performing soft reset...

The log level is “info”.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.


Againg, the roller closed completely on its own and fully re-opened without any of us triggering any of this.

The log file won’t show any new data. This could very well mean that home assistant is not behind this behavior. However, if I go to the entity itself, this is what I see:

persiana_habitacion_3  was opened
4:33:34 PM - 31 seconds ago

persiana_habitacion_3  became unavailable
4:33:34 PM - 31 seconds ago

persiana_habitacion_3  was opened
2:25:24 PM - 2 hours ago

persiana_habitacion_3  became unavailable
2:24:08 PM - 2 hours ago

The entity becomes unavailable and right then it closes (although that is not displayed) and opens up again… and these two timestamps correlate 100% with what I see.

Any hint would be much appreciated. I came across this issue and it might correlate with my case.


It doesn’t look like ZWave JS is restarting from the logs, so I’m not sure why they would be going to unavilable, but do you have automations to control your covers where the cover itself is the trigger action?

no, I don’t. My covers are closed at night. Other than that, I don’t have any other automation with the covers in scope. I think the nodes are simply trying to calibrate themselves when they come out of the unavailable state?

Ok. I was thinking that a trigger was firing incorrectly.

Yeah, there’s something odd going on there. I wonder if unpairing them and re-pairing them again might help. Or possibly refreshing the states in ZW2js might help as well.

Repairing means I need to have physical access to the device or could I now migrate the nodes from my current network to a new one? It is quite some hassle as it is not really accessible where the device is tucked away. What do you mean with refreshing the state?

Might be able to just reinterview the nodes. Removing and re-pairing is probably more of a scorched earth approach lol

hahaha, I didn’t know what scorched earth meant. LOL.

Where on earth can I find all those controls?? you caught me off guard now!

If you go to your zw2js interface (I think it’s usually listening on port 8091 by default), select the drop down for your device (far left hand side, the down arrow), then select the Advanced button on the far right:


It’s one of my favorite terms lol

None of those snapshots feel familiar. Are you using the add-on? The closest thing that I can find that resembles a configuration interface is this: Z-Wave - Home Assistant

How does heal or rebuild (Z-Wave - Home Assistant) sound?

Could it be the case that you are running the community add-on? Z-Wave - Home Assistant

Ahhhhh… no. I’m using zwave2js standalone on another server and then using the zwave integration just as a passthrough for the devices.

In the actual integration, I would try a rebuild first and then a heal after that. Depending on the number of devices you have, it might take a while and some devices might be slow to respond. BUT… let it get through the whole way. If you don’t have a lot of devices, it might take an hour or so.

will give this a try! thanks a million for taking the time, you’ve been awesome!!

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