Cmpanion app connection error

Hi, I’m new to the home assistant world. After using it for a while on the computer I would like to install the companion app on the phone for notifications and stuff. Once downloaded, I click on “continue”
and after about a minute the classic address “http: //homeassistant.local: 8123 /” appears,
when I try to connect, a “Authentication in progress” screen appears and remains there.
Then I get a “request time out” error.

I also tried to enter it manually but nothing

Did you see this in the companion app documentation?

If for some reason you have disabled default_config: make sure your configuration.yaml at least contains:

  • mobile_app:
  • discovery:

Yes, I had already entered those fields, I solved them. Home assistant is installed in a virtual machine on my pc (for the moment) and the connection type was NAT and not BRIDGE, I could not even access from other computers in the LAN. Now it works perfectly.